We are a South African company, developing construction solutions with our innovative system of interlocking modular blocks, bricks, tiles and tools for the rapid development and deployment of affordable buildings, and service of these communities.

Our earliest notes and sketches date back to 2009. Over the years, an idea about scalable, modular farming developed into a building system enabling at-risk populations to substantially improve their conditions by constructing communities with accessible, modern manufacturing and assembly methodologies.

We believe arabox can help more and more people access homes, healthcare, education, and jobs.

Our starter models are priced at ZAR50,000 per 25m2 (roughly USD4,000 per 300ft2) in emerging markets. Specialized equipment, appliances, and solar, refrigeration, water, septic, and electrical modules are all available as upgrades.

In order to be able to manufacture, deliver and support these solutions, we have developed a modular factory model inside of shipping containers which can create hundreds of local jobs and new opportunities for communities.

We are working with strategic partners to establish factories around the world, extending our reach.

The next chapter in our story is now unfolding. We invite you to become a part of it.


At its very core, the arabox building system is a kit of parts. All 100% reusable. We develop a range of arablocks, arabricks, aratiles, and aratools. Our products are affordable, easy to assemble, and reliable.

Our products are built to last from quality materials. They are intended to be modular and easy to maintain and upgrade. Customers can now make their own repairs, largely due to the simplicity of our plug-n-play modularity.

We develop new products in our research and development facilities.

We see our products born from a multi-disciplinary creative process, and manufactured with eco-friendly materials and methods. As we evolve, more and more of our products include recycled materials.

We use modern research and development methodologies, such as 3D rendering and printing, as easily as we work with welding, carpentry, plumbing and electrical systems.

We are diligently working to bring these products to market as soon as possible.


The construction industry does not serve certain segments of the global population well — namely the poor, the homeless, refugees, the internally displaced and other at-risk communities — and suffers from an innovation stagnation that few challenge at scale. We set out to build a construction system to spark a great amount of change where change is needed most. With plug-n-play modules which integrate utilities, services, cabinetry, counters, fixtures, and more, each arabox solution is built to adapt to the needs of its owners, even as they inevitably change over a lifetime.

For some modules, we work with specialized partners, proven experts in their fields — for the integration of their products which bring new modular functionality to our system. Such is the case of Simple & Smart® which makes a high quality, affordable dental chair for low-complexity medical procedures. The unit can be used for simple surgeries or even childbirth. We’ve integrated these units into our medical offering.

We offer solutions for real estate, social welfare, education, retail, sports, security, manufacturing, agricultural, catering, medical, and hospitality industries.

Most buildings (up to two floors) that can be built from bricks and other traditional materials can be built with the arabox construction system.

What type of solutions are you looking for?



Our solutions provide a hearth-like safe haven for our customers to build their lives. They are parents, children, grandparents, cousins, uncles, drivers, teachers, doctors, builders, lawyers, artists, shop owners, office workers, and so many more. They are... you.

Though we are some time away from being able to deliver our solutions to our customers, we are already creating our own list for those in need of housing, for instance. If you or someone you know is looking for affordable housing, please join our waiting list. We will reach out to you with updates about our progress in delivering homes to those on our list. You may also follow our progress on social media.

As we build new communities, we will thrive together from a process of learning about the experience of engaging with our buildings and evolve our offering to address those aspects which our communities do not feel are yet adequately addressed. We see our future in an ongoing process of which each community is an integral part.

We have built this for you.


In an effort to strengthen local economies, we build factories with partners, which enable us to then partner with local business owners for supply chain requirements, hire from the local workforce, and engage local artisans for the development of new products. Our partners also help secure local and regional projects to keep our factories growing.

If you distribute or manufacture products or services which may add value to our offering, we can help grow your business by opening up new markets to your both regionally and internationally.

To this end, our partners help us develop configurable modules (for electrical power, water, recycling, connectivity, and climate control, etc) by integrating their products into our construction system.

We do our best to minimze the amount of customization of your existing prioducts or services required to adapt your offering to our system. This enables your customer base to grow without the need to support additional SKUs.


arabox devotes an immense amount of effort to capturing price information from a legion of local, regional and international suppliers to determine lowest price, measure quality, and availability of each material or component used in the arabox system. Our homegrown ERP software platform, itself an ongoing long-term effort, provides us with this data in realtime, so that we can best predict our ability to deliver.
In order to reduce the burden of manufacturing in our factories, we also work with regional strategic suppliers and manufacturers to deliver a selection of products manufactured or modified to arabox specifications to our factories for assembly.

As with all manufacturing businesses, the quality and dependability of our suppliers is critical to our success. We believe our continued work with each supplier to build trust and expertise in our platform and contruction system is the only way we can reach the production capacity necessary to make an impact on the customers we serve. Further, we offer attractive profit margins and low-complexity processes to keep committed suppliers to our efforts.


We are keenly interested in large projects (at least 1,000 homes), across the globe, though we will also serve smaller projects. Apart from social projects such as facilities in remote and impoverished areas, or locations affected by natural disasters or mass migration, our solutions are fit for military and law enforcement, self-sufficient communities, local and national government investments, private and public companies, and charitable organizations.

As we identify new opportunities, we work with clients to develop urban planning which integrate our products into the existing or new communities, serving them with a multi-faceted approach to community building. Understanding local nuances relies heavily on the contributions of all stakeholders, which is critical to the success of each project.


Our team thrives through a process of learning through innovation, repeatedly & rapidily iterating prototypes until products. We are a happy mix of different cultures and traditions, working together on something very different.

arabox seeks out and develops teams of talented plumbers, electricians, carpenters, welders, and painters - from masters to apprentices. There are a number of office staff, network admins, drivers, local liaisons, and other staff which we consider also crucial to the strength of arabox.



Are you a homebuyer? Perhaps an architect, a foreman, a builder, a carpenter, a bricklayer, a machinist, an engineer, a painter, or someone in office admin? Do you have other skills? Maybe you’re an investor? Representing an NGO? Are you with the press? Or do you simply have a comment or a feature request?

We're looking for people interested in what we do, who want to participate as part of our team, as customers, as partners, or as any one of a number of pieces of the puzzle we are building.

Please send us your information and a little bit about you, and we will be in touch shortly.




Share arabox with your world. Share it with someone you believe is interested to learn about what we’re building. Or share it to bring focus to the concerns arabox is helping to address. These issues are far too great for one company to solve. And so it is imperative that we all participate in the conversation and efforts of all organizations dedicated to the very basic human rights to shelter, education, and health care. Share with LinkedIn Share with Digg Share with Pinterest Share width google Share width Reddit Share width Blogger
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